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  • Monkeyshines Vol. 1 by Doc Dixon PART I: CLOSE-UP MAGIC FOR STROLLING & THE TABLE Memory Aces About ten cards are cut off the deck. The face card of the packet is shown and the packet is immediately tabled. This is done four times. The four packets have indifferent cards at their faces. When the packets are turned over, each indifferent card ha

  • "Double Decker is such a deal! Two great card routines for the price of one. Extra Extra is like Mother of All Deck Tests. A participant thinks of a word on a Guarantee card and you name it. It is so clean. As for Heart Transplant, its hard to think of any effect that gets so much out of one gaffed card. Its a multi-phase routine that is magical, m

  • "For centuries weve said playing cards - even a single playing card - could reveal a persons innermost thoughts. Now you can prove it!" You explain to your participant that playing cards can actually reveal how a person feels about lifes biggest metaphysical questions. You offer to prove it. She removes a card from a deck and places it aside. You a

  • What could cleanly cut a deck into four random packets and the face card of each packet changes into an ace? What have a signed selection vanish from the deck then pick up the card box at the fingertips of an empty hand and simply shake out the signed selection? What could table the four aces and without any painting or the

  • A Signed Card To Impossible Location Where The Location Itself Is Impossible Available in Red or Blue

Showing 1 - 5 of 5 items