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  • Learn how to become another person, know their secrets and deepest feelings even though these thoughts were never written , spoken or even shared! In this trick booklet, Docc explains a brand new way of revealing information. No more torn billlets, or extensive preshow work. This is effect is pure mentalism. The plans for an extensive, complete ill

  • This is the trick thats so strong ,Docc Hilford has closed his 30 minute mentalism show with it. The features claimed here and by the performer are ABSOLUTELY TRUE! Here is what the audiences sees: A spectator is asked to think of any thought. It can be a name, a place, a date, a number, a color, any thought at all. A phone number is randomly

  • Three Routines in One Book This book has three very strong mental routines that will get you noticed whenever and for whomever you perform. Want to be in total control of your audience? Then these routines are for you. The Nostrum Newspaper Test What sets this newspaper test apart from all others is its impromptu nature. Imagine an effect where a p

  • A Professional Routine for Advanced Thinkers In the past, great mind readers such as Charles Foster, Bert Reese, Al Baker and Ted Annemann, have used nothing more than three pieces of paper and three envelopes to make headlines and create awe in their audiences. Now, YOU will be able to do more than just apparently reading minds: you will seem to a

  • Book Of Numbers Vol. 3 (Tuamautef) by Docc Hilford Professionals and amateurs alike have been wildly enthusiastic about the first two volumes of The Book of Numbers. Here is the final Volume, devoted to stage mentalism. Each routine can easily fit into any program. This book has routines for those who want to perform professional mentalism without

  • Book Of Numbers Volume Two (Qebhsennuf) by Docc Hilford If you thought number mentalism was about arithmetic, you dont know The Book of Numbers! In this, the second volume of the three volume set, Docc reveals his original creations as well as some genuinely concealed secrets of infamous spirit mediums. Of course, these too have Doccs twists. All a

  • Book Of Numbers Vol. 1 (Mestha) by Docc Hilford Contained within this tome are the detailed secrets of six mentalistic miracles. Beyond his original creations, Docc adds new presentations and method variations to the rich ideas of Ted Annemann, Henry Hardin, Orville Meyer, David Berglas and Al Baker. The combinations produce performance pieces that

  • A perfect startling new way to read minds! Imagine working high end night clubs with a deck of cards and a handkerchief. And getting paid good money for ten minutes of amazing mentalistic entertainment. That is exactly what Docc Hilford does with his blindfold act, Its a Lu Lu! And now you can do it too. Effect: Two spectators shuffle a full deck

  • From the pages of history a name stands out as one of the greatest mystics of all time, Rasputin! His mastery of the past, present, and future brought him fame and great wealth. Now you have the same pseudo power! The Effect: A deck of cards is shown as well mixed. Three subjects are required to help demonstrate your mastery of the past, present,

  • Has these important features: No switching of papers. Only one paper is used. No carbons in the pad, or anywhere else. No peeks, glimpses or quick looks. Any paper will work. Everything can be borrowed. No stolen center. Perfectly logical reason for writing the thoughts. Every move is natural. Entirely new technique. Can be used in an

  • If you have ever performed in front of a teenage audience, you know that it can be incredibly difficult. This manuscript explains a mentalism act that Docc Hilford created specifically for the female teenage crowd! This truly comprehensive manuscript contains everything you need to know to perform and sell a full mentalism act for Sweet Sixteen P

  • Questa (Q and A System) by Docc Hilford Effect The performer asks an audience member to pass cardboard slips and pens to the audience. Everyone is told to write down a question Ihey want answered. For those who dont have a question in mind, its suggested they write down some information that the performer couldnt know such as an address or telephon

  • Book tests are as popular with mentalists as cut and restored rope tricks are with magicians. Finally, here is one that stands out from the rest. Effect The mentalist shows a little black book filled with nearly 100 different names and addresses of women. The mentalist gives it to a woman in the audience. She opens the book to any page and chooses

  • Take Black Moon anywhere and you'll be able to prove you are a living Master of the Mind! Refills are available

  • The Rosini Secret by Docc Hilford The Ultimate in Close-up Billet Reading Effect A small piece of paper is torn from a menu. A participant writes a brief question on the blank side of the paper and folds it. The mentalist uses a deck of cards in their box as a little tray to display the folded paper. The folded paper is returned to the participant.

  • The Secrets Of Dr. Tao by Docc Hilford Three Original Close-Up Monu-Mental Effects Designed For Walk Around Cocktail Parties. From the Secret Books of Dr. Tao come three original tricks of the mind. In this tome the mysterious doctor also reveals three of his innermost ancient secrets to effective mentalism. Each lesson is more than merely an outst

  • Invisible Stranger by Docc Hilford It hides in Shows and Impersonates the Innocent Frustrated with complicated billet peeks that are cleverer on the page than in the field? Tired of having to shove unfolded business cards in your wallet just to read them? Hate switching slips because its so unnatural and youre sure to be caught with the hidden note

  • Hey Mr. DJ by Docc Hilford Mentalism You Can Dance To! Music is a big part of the entertainment at weddings, bar mitzvahs and graduations. If a mentalist can incorporate the DJ in his program of mind reading, hes a rare commodity and worth more money. Hey Mr DJ is a complete routine that enables the mentalist to know ANY songs that three different

  • Split Up by Docc Hilford Why does love have to hurt so bad? Heres a trick designed for walk around, table magic and live on-the-street performances. Its direct mentalism, but remains novel and funny. There are six different climaxes; a good reason why this trick has already become a favorite of close-up performers everywhere. Effect: The mentalist

  • Night Of Monster Mentalism - Volume 4 by Doc Hilford Its a dark night when audiences scratch at your door . . . demanding actual entertainment. A single taste of your new mentalism isnt enough. They need more! Following you on the street, reaching through the hallways of restaurants or even breaking thewindows of your own home, what will you do whe

  • Bride Of Monster Mentalism - Volume 3 by Doc Hilford A dreadfully seductive beauty has emerged from the depths. She begins by humorously entertaining her victims and leaves them with an insatiable urge to believe in her awful abilities. This bride is dangerous. She is MENTALISM! Docc Hilford is the crazed creator of the renowned Cassandra Deck, aut

  • Curse Of Monster Mentalism - Volume 2 by Doc Hilford Mentalism is killing people - but not in a good way. Death by dullness. However a MONSTER is loose. A creature thats set on revenge. Vowing to destroy a contemporary tediousness thats growing like a cancer. Tear away from the safety of your fathers mentalism. Give yourself completely to the curse

  • Attack Of Monster Mentalism - Volume by Doc Hilford Contemporary mentalism can be as fun and exciting as a hot night at a drive-in movie. The giant screen portrays regular people, leading mundane lives until - DUNH DUNH DUNH - an unexpected monstrous event influences their lives forever. Thats what good mentalism can be - a MONSTER. Docc Hilford is

  • The Whispering Buddha by Docc Hilford An Amazing Classic Brought to Life! The Whispering Buddha is one of the greatest and strangest classics in magic. Greatest because of its simple and direct effect, yet strange because probably no one has actually performed it! Thats about to change. Fifteen years ago, Docc Hilford developed a work

Showing 1 - 24 of 28 items