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  • The magician displays a miniature deck of cards and has one selected by a spectator. The deck is spread face down on the table, but its somehow shrunk The spectator looks at their selection, lets say its the Six of Diamonds. When the spread of cards is turned over, all the cards are the Six of Diamonds! To finish, the mini spread is turned over t

  • Finally, there's a deck of cards available which falls perfectly in between the standard poker-size cards and the typical jumbo decks. Available in Red or Blue

  • This is ESP Deck with Anglo backs in white on black design, printed by Offason of Sweden. The cards are the same high quality as Anglo Poker Ed09. An ESP Deck consists of 25 symbol cards, originally designed by Dr. Joseph Rhine 1927 to test Extra Sensory Perception at Duke University. ESP Deck, Anglo contains:25 ESP cards (5 of each: circle, cross,

  • This is a killer! Only two rubber bands are used. No switches, resets in seconds and you can perform it surrounded. Comes complete with everything you need.

Showing 1 - 4 of 4 items