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  • Part 1: A Voyage to the Real World Working behind a bar for an audience of real people, Eugene Burger makes it clear why hes one of the worlds most celebrated close-up artists. Then, hes joined by David Parr to analyze these time-tested routines from Eugenes actual performing repertoire. Items like his ultra-commercial approach to the Sponge Balls

  • Part 2: A Voyage to the Unreal World On this tape Eugene is also joined by Jeff McBride to explore his close-up magic that is offbeat, whimsical and decidedly strange. This journey begins with Flash Spirit Message, as efficient a link to the ghostly realm as you could ever ask for. In Double Reverse, a classic Walter Gibson effect thats been raised

  • Part 3: A Voyage to the Inner World If youve ever dreamed of a private session with Eugene Burger, nows your chance. On this tape its just the two of you, as Eugene speaks his mind and opens up his heart. Sinology, a simple coin routine, becomes a parable about self-discovery. In his version of Lin Searles Cannibals, Eugene combines sly humor with

  • Eugene Burger's "Series of Evocative Essays" that he hopes will, "Challenge You, cause you to stop and reflect upon your own magic, inspire you to practice and rehearse, and, in the process, improve your own close-up magic performances."

  • "My aim was to make the kind of video that I personally would like to own." - Eugene Burger Youll be baffled as never before by this professional and his special collection of wonderworks. Eugene Burger intertwines dramatic storytelling and penetrating magic to delight layperson and magic devotees alike. His unique repertoire will charm your intell

  • Chicago Visions/Tapes by Eugene Burger Effect The Chicago Tapes by Eugene Burger, is actually a set of 3 DVDs and one explanation booklet. This incredible collection features an in depth look into the routines, effects, and even the life of Eugene Burger. This collection is truly a must have!

  • "The spirits are an age-old theme, a story from darkest history, and therefore a presentational anchor that can be used with many different magic tricks." - Eugene Burger Spirit Magic adds an element of mystery to any ghoulish gathering or macabre meeting. Audiences remember the demoniacally different good-natured fun. Eugene is the perfect teach

  • Spirit Theater by Eugene Burger Mind-boggling Mysteries! If youve ever wondered what kinds of things went on at spirit seances during their 19th Century heyday, this amazing performance will illuminate some of those mysteries - and leave you puzzling over how the mediums did it. The history of seances, essays on seance performance, 6 close-up effec

  • Exploring Magical Presentations by Eugene Burger An intimate opportunity to learn from one of magics greatest teachers, this DVD will help you think about your performing style, and grow as a magical presenter. We all know plenty of tricks, but how can we turn them into memorable magic? In this DVD session, Eugene Burger explores that topic, and pr

  • In response to overwhelming demand, Eugene Burgers, the long out-of-print, Mastering the Art of Magic Book has been reprinted. It is an oversized hardcover with dustjacket, printed on quality acid-free paper and contain oodles of great tricks (enough for your entire repertoire) as well as thought-provoking and educational essays by Eugene, widely r

  • Features: Andrew Pinard - Continuum Continuum returns with Andrew Pinard talking to Eugene Burger about making your magic important and more Columns: Jon Armstrong - Small Things, Big Difference The finer points of the Hindu Shuffle and the Hofzinser Spread force Garrett Thomas - Try This At Home Discover the magical moments within your magic David

  • Would you like to perform magic that leaves people with a special gift? Gift Magic is your doorway into one of the most exciting ways to perform magic. Authored by Jeff McBride, George Parker, Lawrence Hass, Eugene Burger, Rich Bloch, and Robert E. Neale and edited by Larry Hass, Gift Magic includes 11 performances pieces, 5 interviews, and 4 essay

  • Shall contemporary magic continue on its artless downward spiral or shall we, as magicians, accept and appropriate these gifts which bizarre magick offers us? This, it seems to me, is perhaps the most crucial magical question of our time. How we answer it will determine both the character and quality of magic of the future. -Eugene Burger Stra

  • All three volumes of Eugene Burgers Magical Voyages are now available as a full download

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