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  • Performance Only So much more than an act, its an entire show-but a show that can go anywhere, anytime, anyplace-a show that actively involves the audience throughout in the mystery and fun! Glenns Blindfold Readings - Glenns world-famous, 17-minute signature Q & A act. This is the act that launched Glenns career and has kept him on top for

  • Falkenstein 17-minute Blindfold Mindreading Act-For the first time on any video, Glenn Falkenstein reveals his award-winning signature blindfold mindreading act that has kept him at the top of his profession for over two decades. Glenn takes you through a step-by-step demonstration of blindfolds, billets, masks, answering questions, handling volu

  • The Princess Mental Card Routine - With a dynamic twist as performed by Frances & Glenn. Its In The Bag - Perfect for parties-easy, effective, sexy and playful! Out of This World - Test the spectators ESP ability with a classic card routine. Divine a Card - Divining rod to find spectators card. Ball n Tube as Mental Effect - Demonstrating Power

Showing 1 - 3 of 3 items