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  • The magician asks to borrow a finger ring from a lady in the audience. The magician causes this ring to vanish and it reappears hooked on a clip inside his key case! No Need to Wear a Coat No Set-Up, Perfect for Strolling or Restaurant Magic Spectator May Examine and Hold the Key Case Before the Ring Appears Inside

  • The Inexaustible Sponge by Gaetan Bloom and Kevin James

  • Tales From The Planet Of Bloom #1 by Gaetan Bloom Gaetan Bloom is one of the most creative magicians in the world. His magic it truly ingenious both in effect and in method. Volume One of this three-part series includes incredible magic with wristwatches, boxes, food, and cards. One of the many strengths of Gaetans magic is that it is very easy to

  • Tales From The Planet Of Bloom #2 by Gaetan Bloom Gaetan Bloom is known as one of the most creative magicians in the world. But his strength lies in his knack for inventing magic that not only fools laypeople but absolutely destroys magicians. If you enjoy being fooled and fooling others you must have this DVD. It is amazing how his simple methods

  • Tales From The Planet Of Bloom #3 by Gaetan Bloom Gaetan Bloom creates unique magic that fools and entertains but he also constructs routines that are very direct and play very big. The routines are basically for close-up performances but are also very visual and can be used for cabaret or even stage shows. On this DVD you will learn magic with new

  • Gaetan Blooms world opens just for us! FOUR hours of magic, twenty towers, jewels, nuggets .. From the magic to make your directory very quickly. If hard-hitting, so sharp, so simple: we speak of brain Bloom, of course! THREE programs in 1996 finally remastered two-disc DVD box set: The Wire Indirect: The Awakening The Bottle The Buttons Travers Ta

  • The Intercessor is a unique gimmick that makes miracles possible. Created by the inventive Gaetan Bloom and used in his professional shows for many years, it enables you to do most baffling versions of the classic card in orange. Indeed any effect in which a selected card is torn to pieces and then reappears, bar the corner retained by the voluntee

  • Includes original lecture network news and features Hosted by Jeff Hobson In-Depth explanations Seven amazing stage and close-up effects: The Standing Card Fishy Game Two Sponge Balls The Intercessor Salami Slice Quarte The Lasso Card

  • A close-up routine, completely spellbinding! Just as in a ballet, the two pins link together and separate, always and without ending, right before the eyes of the amazed spectators.. Its so beautiful and so pure that everyone wants to examine the pins at the end of the trick.. and they can! The closer you are the better it is.. and the more impossi

  • A 2 volume set that takes a unique look into the fertile mind of Gaetan Bloom. These books have been years in the making and will have its world wide release at 7pm on August 11, 2013 at MAGIC Live in Las Vegas, Nevada. Guaranteed to be a modern classic.

  • After jealously keeping it a secret during the decades, Gaetan Bloom finally shares the secret of his famous Gypsy Thread. Bloom shares in a masterful way the difficulties of this great classic in magic. He reached an astounding clearness with the effect thanks to a devilishly simple method which will confuse even the connoisseurs. It has such an impact...

Showing 1 - 11 of 11 items