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  • Business cards can make a great first impression. It will make a lasting impression if the recipient keeps it and shows it to all his friends! What Jon Jensen has done is collected a whole mess of original business card effects from working professionals so that you can actually entertain people as you give out your card!

  • Disc Three Effects Balanced Card - Tremendous effect. Magician fooler. Gold Cord - Darwin sells this one separately. Very commercial. Sponge to Power Pad - This little idea gives you a great way to get your number to a girl. Sponge Balls Color Changing Sponge Balls Sponge Rabbits - Darwins funny finish to Robert Nelsons classic effect. Cand

  • Reaction Ad-Libs by Gary Darwin The ULTIMATE Course in Situational One-Liners for Magicians, MCs, Jugglers, Ventriloquists, Comedians and Public Speakers.. Not for Politicians! What do you say when.. What do you say when youre in the middle of your show and all of a sudden theres a huge crashing noise heard from backstage? What do you say when a ba

  • Inexpensive Illusions by Gary Darwin How To Do A Complete Illusion Show with Everyday Household Objects! Highly Recommended by Lance Burton! "My good friend Gary Darwin has done a great service by making this video. he has given you many simple, practical illusions that can be incorporated into your program. I can tell you that the few basic princi

  • Magic Museum Tour & Silk Magic by Gary Darwin Welcome to Gary Darwins Magic Museum where you will see one of the most eclectic assortment of props, artifacts, books, and autographed memorabilia anywhere. Gary takes you on a personal tour of his highly prized private collection and teaches you some of his favorite silk magic along the way.

Showing 1 - 5 of 5 items