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  • Creating Magic by Gary Kurtz Those of you who have Garys first DVD, Lets Get Flurious, already know the high caliber of his effects and techniques. The material on the second DVD of Garys innovative magic is every bit as impressive. Highlighting this 85-minute broadcast quality DVD is Misty Like A Dream, and entire coin act! This one item alone con

  • Lets Get Flurious by Gary Kurtz Here it is! An intensive new instructional DVD from one of magics hottest creators and performers, Gary Kurtz. Fresh from the success of an international lecture tour, and his best-selling book, Unexplained Acts, Gary performs and explains nearly 90 minutes of top-quality magic. Included on this outstanding DVD is Fo

  • Effects Hypothetical Possibilities Inside/Outside Constant Return Attraction Wishful Thinking Split Decision Body Heat Four Fisted Special Delivery Orange NAme It! The Anticipator The Empty Hand Interchange Coming Out Ahead Artistic Licence Trio All Together Cigar Mirror Image Flurious Pages 102 - Ha

Showing 1 - 3 of 3 items