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  • Deep Thought (Limited) by Gregory Arce Gregs first book that took the mentalism fraternity by storm.. 7 powerhouse routines and effects contained within 52-pages that are easy to perform and highly commercial. Some of the effects included are: EMOTION-ALL - The performer recreates the emotions spectators are feeling. ADAMS PREDICTION - A cute and v

  • Simple Minded (Limited) by Gregory Arce Gregs second jam-packed book was another rousing success.. within its 73-pages are 10 explosive routines you can put to use right away.. Greg reveals the complete details of many items taken directly from his own celebrated act, including: POINTILISM - A drawing duplication effect for those who dont like peek

  • Lost in Thought by Gregory Arce Gregs new book is jam-packed with powerful, impactful and easy-to-perform mentalism routines designed to be highly useable and commercial. Within these pages of "Lost In Thought" youll discover: Sticky Pop - The whole audience decides on one card - no force - and that card is inside a balloon that has been visible th

  • Four Thought by Gregory Arce What you will find in Four Thought-- M.O.M. - a one-on-one drawing dupe where a spectator stares at a photo of your mom and then you are able to redraw his secret drawing by looking into her eyes. your moms. Within that section there will also be two other ideas using the basic method and gimmick including one in which

  • The freestyle book test is a powerful book test that you can make at home... with practically any book.

Showing 1 - 5 of 5 items