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  • Have you ever needed to make a big impression but left all your big impression stuff at home? Well, worry no more. Using ordinary objects that are readily available, youll learn these simple, yet stunning effects. Something For Nothing: A trick with nothing.. thats really something. Recap: An eye-popping 5-phase routine with a borrowed pen and it

  • How in the world did you do that? Youll hear this and more when you master the double lift - the most vital move in card magic. Gregory Wilsons Double Take puts the worlds greatest double lifts at your fingertips. .even if youre all thumbs. This step-by-step instructional DVD is packed with more than 90 minutes of dynamic material you can perform

  • Features the effects Time Card, Slot Machine Scam, Chip on Shoulder, Throat, Foreign Affair plus much more Available as a Download or a DVD

  • Hundy 500 by Greg Wilson Effect A Full-Throttle, Turbo-Charged Money Miracle Do you love the Hundred Dollar Bill Switch, but find the folding and unfolding process to be a bit slow and sluggish? Wait until you experience the Formula One speed of Gregory Wilsons Hundy 500! Gregs version of Patrick Pages modern-day classic is a transposition of fi

  • Card Stunts by Gregory Wilson Card Stunts is Gregory Wilsons complete Close-up card act performed live from the Magic Castle. Youll learn how to do it all! The explanations are thorough, and the material is some of the best in the world. If you perform with a deck of cards, this is a must-have DVD. HEAVYWEIGHT BOXING - The card box magically and m

  • Pyrotechnic Pasteboards by Gregory Wilson Pyrotechnic Pasteboards picks up where Gregorys best-selling Card Stunts video left off. Forget those mind-numbing, deal down, Uncle Charlie card tricks. This is fast and furious, in-your-face card flaunting! Think Jackie Chan with 52 potential papercuts! Contains: Point Blank - Gregs reputation-making ver

  • On The Spot by Gregory Wilson On The Spot is a guerilla course in performing impromptu magic. Get ready to experience Gregs on-site, out-of-sight insights for real people, in real life with real off the cuff fun! Imagine showing up at your next gig with no tricks in your pocket. Thats right, no tricks! This video teaches you to entertain profession

  • Foreign Affair by Gregory Wilson Effect The magician explains how he makes money while traveling the world by taking advantage of currency exchange rates in various countries. Starting with a one-dollar bill (green), he folds it in half to reveal an Australian note (bright green). Folds it in half again to reveal a twenty-euro note (blue). One more

  • Ring Leader (With Props) by Gregory Wilson Picture this - A spectators ring is magically plucked off the center of a rope and just as effortlessly thrown back on - without letting go of the ends! In a flurry of non-stop action, the ring takes on a life of its own - it hops and pops, slips and slides, jumps and bumps, moves and grooves. In other wor

  • For the first time, a trick that is POINTLESS on purpose! You hold up an "ordinary" ballpoint pen and challenge your soon-to-be stunned spectators to follow which way its pointing. No matter how easy it seems, they quickly and repeatedly realize how fun it is to be wrong! Bonus Routines by:David Gripenwaldt Garret Thomas Carl Andrews O

  • IT is not just another packet trick. You have to see it. Yeah, so what is it? Were glad you asked. It is an absolutely hilarious packet trick with eye-popping color changes of Wild Card combined with a diabolical method that makes doing it a breeze. Provided is a routine that will remind you of the classic Whos On First (original concept by Len Doc

  • Your 1 - 100 Prediction Is Right On The Money! A soon-to-be-stunned spectator gives you a number from 1-100. You remove all the change from your pocket and the total matches exactly! In Gregs professional repertoire for years, its a perfectly direct and deceptive feat of mentalism that has impressed some of the best minds in magic! Its easy to do.

  • 24 Mad Skills and Stunts to Make You Stand Out in the Crowd World renowned magician, pickpocket, trickster and all-round scamp Gregory Wilson invites you to attend THE SCHOOL OF COOL! A DVD jam packed with teachings on all those crazy skills you always wanted to learn but didnt know how. Walk a coin down your knuckles.. shoot a playing card high in

  • A custom-designed dog tag penetrates on and off its chain in a way that makes people question reality. And, for the last illusion, a spectator pushes the tag through your shirt and back on the chain while its around your neck! You can now unleash your inner-astonishment anytime, anywhere without any pockets! Comes complete with a DVD and two custom

  • Finally, a Copper/Silver that really makes sense.

  • With snow-capped mountains and plush pine trees as the new L&L backdrop, you'll see people laughing, screaming, losing their breath and simply staring into space from pure astonishment-and that's just from the striking lake view. Some of the bonus footage was shot in studio but most of it was filmed outside for real people around the spectacularly...

  • In Action Volume 1 by Gregory Wilson - Available as either a DVD or Download

  • In Action Volume 2 by Gregory Wilson - available as a DVD or Download

Showing 1 - 18 of 18 items