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  • The ultimate forcing tool. The Wheel Of Mind is not just an effect, but a tool that encompasses unbelievable and unpredictable presentation options and effects. The innocent looking, wheel-of-fortune-like board enables mental effects that will surprise not only your audience, but also you, the mentalist. The Wheel Of Mind is an unusual innovation,

  • The mentalist shows a medium-size board, and draws on it an 8-inch circle with a marker. This he calls, and Energy Circle. A volunteer is asked to draw a drawing inside the Energy Circle. While the volunteer is drawing, the mentalist holds the board between himself and the volunteer, while his head is turned away from the board. The audience sees

  • Between 2 Minds (3 DVD Set) by Guy Bavli and Haim Goldenberg Between 2 Minds, is the newest and most creative source for todays mentalism. Haim Goldenberg presents his top-of-the-art effects, suitable for stand up, stage performances, and close up. Each effect is performed in front of a live audience, and then revealed and analyzed by Guy Bavli, as

  • Cryptext by Haim Goldenberg Double Meaning never had a Better Meaning INTRODUCTION "..Haim is a great performer and thinker, with an idea being born every day. You are fotunate today to experience one of his simplest yet most brilliant creations: CRYPTEXT." - JB, Pro-Magic Inc Effect The Magician senses a strange feeling of familiarity with an audi

Showing 1 - 4 of 4 items