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Harry can make you laugh while he astounds you!!! He is one of the most amazing magicians working today. Harry is a "magician's magician", and fantastic he is!!! His humorous magic and personable manner, make him one of the most popular magicians in the business. He is a veteran performer who has just the right touch to entertain groups of magicians and clowns. His years of experience as a magic dealer, performer and lecturer enable him to be the perfect host along with his partner Irv Cook. From showmanship to sleight-of-hand, Harry is the total entertainment personality. (Source

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  • For over 30 years, Harry Allen has been one of America's most popular magicians, comedians and magic dealers. His comedy books have been best sellers, his original magic effects have been published and marketed all over the world, and his lectures have been received enthusiastically by magicians everywhere.

  • Sleight of Mouth by Harry Allen "This is a great book!!! Take this book please!!!" -Henny Youngman This book is an outrageous collection of one-liner jokes that every performing magician can use to get laughs in any situation. Weather youve never told a joke before, or if youre a seasoned performer, youll find a wealth of contemporary humor that ca

  • Comedy Bits and Magic Routines features Harry in his natural environment, in front of a fun-loving audience, demonstrating his favorite magic effects and showing off his encyclopedic supply of one-liners. Along the way, you'll gain insights and learn finesses on tricks you may have resigned to your magic drawer long ago . . . if you can stop laughing long...

Showing 1 - 3 of 3 items