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  • A deck of cards is wrapped with a rubber band (to eliminate any possible sleight of hand). Three spectators peek at the top card and remember its identity. The band is removed and a fourth spectator is handed the top card. The three spectators name their cards. Each names a different card! The fourth spectator shows that the card he is holding is a

  • Effect This is an outstanding routine which simulates the classic Three Card Monte routine played on the streets. Even though the routine looks and feels like the real thing the special cards supplied are used to create impossible looking sequences. But the impossible and memorable ending is what kills. While educating the spectators about how not

  • Harry Andersons Stage Blood is perfect for his Needle thru arm or any other times you need to gross out your friends. Comes in a 2 ounce bottle. Dries realistic and appears to be the REAL thing!!

  • Here at last, is the whole story behind Americas most successful comedy magician. From his early days in the street, to head-lining in night clubs and casino showrooms, to the starring role on TVs hit series, Night Court. Wise Guy begins with hilarious stories from Harrys apprenticeship as a street entertainer. Watch his character Harry the Hat slo

Showing 1 - 4 of 4 items