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  • Magic Under Fire by Harry Robson Welcome to the crazy world of magician Harry Robson! Faced with an array of disinterested people and very difficult and demanding conditions, watch as Harry battles against impossible odds. Not only will he reveal the tricks of his trade, but hell also give you hints and tips on how to deal with the harshest of work

  • This is the brand new Wallet from Harry Robson. A completely new handling of the Card to Envelope inside a wallet. For the first time the spectator holds the secret in their hands! The spectator holds the wallet, the spectator opens the wallet, they remove the envelope and they remove the card. The magician remains completely Hands Off! This is the

  • Harry Robson is an expert on the Card to Wallet, and his latest wallet is the result of a lifetime of experience building and performing this fantastic classic. This wallet incorporates all of the best features that the working magician could ever need. With this wallet you will be able to do: Impromptu Signed Card to Wallet No matter what the situ

Showing 1 - 3 of 3 items