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  • The wonder worker (that would be you) removes a black wallet from his pocket, flips it open and reveals three different items: a credit card, a business card, and a folded banknote. You then hand a spectator a sealed prediction. A second spectator is invited on stage to remove one of the items from the wallet (free choice here,) and hide it away on

  • Predict The Order That Three Credit Cards Are Selected. A special designed leather wallet makes it possible for you to predict in which order three different credit cards are selected. You ALSO predict in which pocket either card has been put in. You can do this blindfolded.

  • Selected Card Appears In The Zip Compartment Of This Special Wallet. Made for secretly switching playing cards or banknotes.

  • Leather Pouch For Gimmicked Coins. Set of three.

  • This great little package includes a Z wallet, and six routines hatched from Wayne Dobsons slightly Z wallet obsessed brain. Each effect is explained thoroughly detailing materials required, Set Up and Performance. Effects Include - Improved Simplex Card 2 Wallet, Autographs, Missing Think?, Z-sy Does it,Sting and Tax

  • This Elite Himber is perfect for your bank note routines, whenever you need to switch or have money appear in a previously shown empty wallet. Can be used for cards, credit cards, predictions. Anything flat.

  • Any Hour Of The Day Selected By A spectator Matches The prediction Taken From An Otherwise Empty Leather Wallet.

  • This leather coin purse is perfect to keep all your coin tricks in one place. Holds up to 6 coins. Nicely made in leather and black lined to keep the purse in perfect shape and condition.

  • This wallet can hold 10 of your favorite poker size playing card tricks. Each of the pockets inside the wallet will hold several cards.

  • A selected card appears in a wallet within another wallet. No palming required!!! Spectator selects a card and the magician takes a wallet from either his pocket, or which has been lying on the table all time. Stating that the selected card will be found in this wallet the magician opens it. Inside he does not find the card but finds a smaller wall

Showing 1 - 10 of 10 items