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  • Many have referred to this effect as one of the finest rope routines EVER invented! Once a staple in many professionals acts, this Hen Fetsch miracle has long been unavailable. We have gone to great lengths to bring this remarkable routine back to the world of magic and at the highest level of quality. Quadropelets begins with a rope classic and

  • An Incredible Demonstration of Psychic Connection You display two sets of ESP cards. Both sets contain the five classic ESP symbols-a circle, cross, three wavy lines, square and a star. You and the spectator mix the cards completely and you correctly predict what card the spectator will place down first. This is repeated with the second card, th

  • In an instant a selected card vanishes under impossible conditions and appears in your wallet! You explain that the first time really wasnt fair for the audience because they didnt know what to you offer to repeat it. The spectator again chooses a card and it, too vanishes in an instant! You ask the spectator to pick up your wallet fro

Showing 1 - 3 of 3 items