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  • Magic Feather is very lightly, easy and casual multi-functional gimmick.

  • Magician's Buddy (Skeleton figure) makes an outstanding performance.

  • A borrowed bill will fly into air. Effect: Borrow a bill from a spectator. Place the bill on your hand and give it a magical gesture. The bill will begin to float and fly into air. It will spin to your right and left and even behind your head. The magician will be able to control it where ever he/she wants. The bill will land back into the magician

  • This trick is a placeable and removable hole.

  • Penetration Impossible can be performed by beginners to experts. There has been penetrating bottles in the past. However, in this trick you do not need to gimmick the cap or lid, or use water. A regular coin will penetrate through an ordinary jam jar. The most visual and clean effect. No need for French drops, fake passes, coin vanishes, pulls or v

  • Minimum movement, ultra fast coin sleights, penetration, transform, and vanishes! Sonic Wave is a very practical and visual coin sleight of hands, with minimum movement and at ultra fast speed. The small movement will be almost impossible to see from the spectators. There are no gimmicks involved. You can perform it on the spot. The technique is fa

Showing 1 - 6 of 6 items