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  • Arm Band Mystery by Hiro Sakai Effect Hiro Sakai brings to you another great trick called "Armband Mystery". An amazing mysterious trick that shows a regular bicycle card being penetrated by a solid metal armband. The armband and cards are both Examinable! Great Effect for Magicians! Includes Gimmick with instructional DVD. Separate Bicycle Poker-s

  • Recipe by Hiro Sakai Effect Using this envelope, you can perform the effect of change. For example, a white paper change into a bill. The greatest merit of this is that the audience can put something in the envelope by themselves and pull it out by themselves.

  • Specialized holder for Jim Rosenbaums The Gecko designed by Hiro Sakai and Kenji Kobayashi. This version is for Left-Handed performers. Right-handed version is sold separately.

  • This is a useful item to force a number with. The set consists of 6 double-numbered dice, and one normal die. You can choose the number which you dont want to be picked by using these dice. For example: A spectator numbers six envelopes from one through six. One of the envelopes has a $100 bill, the rest have fake bills inside. You roll a die and t

Showing 1 - 4 of 4 items