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  • The picture of a dove in the black frame changes its color 3 times in a row. And as the last picture disappears the picture of the dove changes to a real dove. This is a considerably visual effective item that can catch applause from the audience. Included: - Color Change Dove Frame. - Gimmick(Including everything that you need

  • If you have performed with doves, you must have experienced the dove wire brakeing during the show. BUT this wire is very strong. This is the strongest wire that you can trust and experience on the stage with your doves! Made by Korean by dove magician Jaehoon Lim. Included: J.H. DOVE WIRE 35 feet (11M)

  • This Invisible harness is a very safety system for any dove. original design made by Korean dove magician Jaehoon Lim. he used many kinds of barehanded harness, after all the years he develop a better system for doves, and magicians.  Available in Small or Large Sizes

  • Magician lights candle as he is holding candle on hand, candle stars floating up and down then Magician blows candle off an magically turns into a beautiful rose (red or yellow). Inlcuded: - Gimmick Candel - Candle cap - Roses (red and yellow) - Candle Stand

  • This Dove pocket is an idealized product for magicians performing with doves. The quality of the pocket has been made with a high quality fabric thats really smooth and durable, this will allow you to produce dove easily and safe. It is easy to attach and detach so you can save time when you switch costumes, this product is convenient an useful

  • Magician Jaehoon Lim's first DVD!This time is not about dove magic which he is famous trough out many magic contests and tv shows.This DVD "THE CHALLENGE" is focused on CLOSE UP CARD MAGIC.

  • This dove bag has been through a lot of trial and error, and it has finally been completed.

Showing 1 - 7 of 7 items