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  • ESP Mind Set by James Biss Effect Featuring two exclusive presentations: "Zenerbocker" Five audience members are choosen and asked to choose any numbered seat that they feel drawn towards. The magician hands out five envelopes to be shuffled by a participant and then are handed out. The envelopes are opened and remembered. The cards are passed do

  • This years world wide bestselling book of mentalism - now in Paperback - including The Celeris Effect. an astonishing piece of mental magic built right into the book itself! In the first half of this decade, Canadian mentalist and writer James Biss released his controversial first book, Messing With Minds. Now out of print, his work has become one

  • TRANSFORM THOUGHTS. BLOW MINDS. HANDS FREE. Complete with 20 minutes of astonishing mentalism routines! Includes 20 bags.

Showing 1 - 3 of 3 items