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  • Self Tying Shoelace (DVD and Props) by Jay Noblezada From the mind of Jay Noblezada.. "Hey man, your shoe is untied." So you SMILE, make EYE CONTACT with your spectator, and to the ASTONISHMENT of everyone, your SHOELACES seem to VISUALLY TIE THEMSELVES. Can be performed fully surrounded. Stunningly VISUAL. YOUR laces. Your Shoes. ULTRA-FAST 3 SEC

  • Color Changes by Jay Noblezada Youve seen it on TV! Now you can learn how to make playing cards visually change right before your spectators eyes! Youll Learn Snap Change - Blow on a card and it changes instantly! Now broken down to its bare essentials, this is the best variation ever! Twirl Change - Visualy and practicaly shake a card and it morp

  • Muscle Pass by Jay Noblezada Youre about to learn one of the most visual and versatile techniques in all of coin magic. Its difficult to master, but the payoff is huge. The Muscle Pass is a technique that makes coin magic as eye-poppingly visual as any magic on earth. But, its also a technique that takes many hours of practice to perfect. Just know

  • Sponge (DVD and 4 Sponge Balls) by Jay Noblezada The Effect Sponge balls are simple. All were talking about is a four-pack of 2 inch balls made of sponge. But theres a reason top professionals use sponge balls when theyre getting paid to perform. The entertainment potential is HUGE. When youre out on the streets. When youre working a party. When yo

  • Money by Jay Noblezada MONEY. Its hard to imagine a better item to do magic with. Everybody has it. Your spectators are literally walking around right now with your props in their wallets, pockets, and purses. And everybody cares about it. When theres money in play, youve got their attention. This DVD will take you from beginner in money magic to t

  • Many magicians go their whole lives without ever unlocking the raw power of coin magic. Some are intimidated because it's pure sleight-of-hand. Some try to learn and get bogged down in complex illustrations. And some just don't know where to start.  This DVD changes all that.

Showing 1 - 6 of 6 items