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  • Yannick Chretien by David Stone and Jean-Luc Bertrand Visual tricks and tricks using simple methods for real world situations Aces production, sandwich, transfer, open travelers, Reset, matrix, open prediction, color changes, card to pockets.. And finally introducing the MUSCLE Vanish, and Incredible coin vanish, no sleeve, no pull, no gimmick..Lea

  • Nestor Hato (DVD and Nestorizer Gimmick) by Nestor Hato Picture the smartest and simplest gimmick that can be added to any deck of cards. Nestorizer will help you enhance many classical card effects and create so many more new ones. Simplicity / Efficiency / Innovation Are the key words - added to your own deck it becomes invisible and offers an en

  • The curtain opens on a solo musician Once he starts playing, his shadow appears to form a full band A shadow orchestra The instruments fly, the keys have fun.. The audience never stops to wonder around the living dream. Surprised or overwhelmed by all the life happening, The artist welcomes us in his fantasy A show full of visual surprises, along w

  • BLiNKiNG EFFECT // DVD & GiMMiCK Written and Directed by JeanLuc Bertrand "The Real Secret is not how does it Work, but why does it work !" A full Magic Set : DOUBLE DVD - 168 minutes 8 complete routines (cards, rose, mentalism, misdirection, cigarette, ring and more) 35 minutes Live Demo 75 minutes Explanation and Theory 1 hour of extra materi

Showing 1 - 4 of 4 items