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  • Alien Autopsy by Jim Pace & Steve Dobson Four differently colored alien faces appear and disappear one at a time between pictures of earth and space. Then, with a wave of the hand, the four cards with aliens change to four "green immigration cards"-which then magically change into the aliens again, this time all four at once! For the finale, al

  • A short poem is recited by the performer while showing three full-color cards which illustrate the story of metamorphosis - that of a caterpillar to a coccoon into a butterfly. Each card illustrates a phase of the story except for the last card. On this card there s no butterfly as everyone expects. The spectator is then asked to wave her hand over

  • The Web by Jim Pace Possibly the scariest card trick in the world! Professional restaurant magician Jim Pace s The Web will out impact any other effect in your repertoire. If you want to go for the jugular and take no prisoners, The Web gets a more visceral reaction than any card effect you ve performed! In fact, there are some people to whom you s

  • Turn your own tie into a comedy gag tie! Watch the laughs as your tie rolls up when you active it. Colors May Vary Dimensions Approximately 9 1/2" x 1" (24cm x 2.5cm)

  • Make Your Spring Puppets Alive - Training Video Available as a DVD or Download

  • Mercury Wallet by Jim Pace More..than a card in wallet! Effect Performer hands their wallet to a spectator then asks them to hand it back. The spectator is then asked to remove the magicians ring and place it into the wallet. The performer asks if they have ever heard of Deja Vu. Performer hands their wallet to a spectator then asks them to hand it

  • Restaurant Workers Handbook by Jim Pace & Jerry Macgregor Make Money Doing Restaurant Magic! Jim Paces "The Restaurant Workers Handbook shows you how! Jim Pace makese a very successful living performing Restaurant Magic. Now, in this "Handbook for Restaurant Workers," Jim shares the secrets that have taken him years to learn. In this extremely

  • Inviso-Flash by Jim Pace Effect Inviso-Flash allows you to produce a flash of fire and immediately show your hands to be completely empty! Uses You can use Inviso-Flash to enhance your magic or simply as a gag. Imagine as your left hand produces a coin your right hand meets your left hand in a flash of fire. Out of the fire a coin is produced. Ima

  • Mestopholies Fire Ball Launcher by Jim Pace From the Master of Fire, Jim Pace brings to you another exciting fire effect called Mestopholies Fire Ball Launcher. Effect You point at something and your finger shoots a fire ball at it. Then the fire vanishes out of thin air. Easily shoot fireballs 15 feet into the air! Great Effect at any time during

  • Extreme Change Bag by Jim Pace and Lin Dong Bo Effect East meets a showdown for the ages.the change bag is engulfed in flames! ECB (or "extreme change bag") is a revolution in transformation effects, as you place anything into an empty bag, only to have it BURST INTO A FLASH OF FIRE..and WHOOSH.your white silk becomes a dove.

  • Visu-Antics by Jim Pace Eye popping Magic! Jim Pace is one of magics most visual close-up artists. Working 4 restaurants per week for over 20 years has taught him to create flashy, attention-getting magic that makes audiences scream. Its magic thats low on set-up and high on pay-off. The video is jammed packed with some of the best gags, stunts, an

Showing 1 - 11 of 11 items