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  • Jazzy Transposition 2 by Jim Sisti Four Jokers mysteriously vanish from one place and reappear in another.. The cards certainly appear ordinary..but your audience will be rubbing its eyes as four bicycle-riding Kings disappear right off the faces of four Jokers one at a time and reappear on the faces of previously blank cards. It even happens when

  • From Jim Sisti, the master of the Magic Menu, its Signs Of The Times . Introduce a wallet from which you remove 20 cards, each bearing a Zodiac or Planetary symbol. Two spectators each remember one of the symbols. The say nothing. They just remember. Mix the cards and deal them face - up on the table. Immediately, you are able to nam

  • Magic Menu: Years 1 through 5 Compiled and edited by Jim Sisti and now in its third printing, The Magic Menu - Years 1 through 5 (previously titled The Magic Menu -The First Five Years) contains everything you need to know about performing walk-around magic in real-world venues. This best seller features contributions from Eugene Burger, Michael Am

  • Magic Menu - Years 6 - 10 BACK IN PRINT! Compiled and edited by Jim Sisti. Now you can own the second five years of The Magic Menu, the worlds only journal specifically for the walk-around magic specialties, in one volume. Whether you perform close-up magic in restaurants, bars, hospitality suites, corporate events, cocktail parties or other stroll

  • Restaurant Magic Reader by Jim Sisti The Restaurant Magic Reader collects the many articles and essays that Jim Sisti has written over the last 20 years on the subject of restaurant magic. Between these covers, youll find thoughts and ideas on such important topics as choosing material, selecting a performing character, getting and keeping a restau

  • For more than ten years, from 1990 through 2001, The Magic Menu was a continuing and trusted source of practical information for close-up magicians, particularly those who performed in restaurants, bars and night spots. Each issue brought real-world advice, information, reviews of the latest magic and audience-tested effects from some of the best m

Showing 1 - 6 of 6 items