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  • Set includes four 3 inch knives, vinyl carrying case, carying bag, and illustrated instructions. These are the great Mogar knives we have had in stock.

  • Includes set of four 3 inch colored knives, illustrated instructions and carrying case. These are the great Mogar knives we have had in stock.

  • The package consists of a Black/Black, White/White, White/Black, a white/Red/ VC knife and a Red/Black.Also included is a Pocket Holder, a Vinyl carrying case, Written and illustrated Routine instructions.Your audience will really enjoy this one. You can also get a Standard 3 knife set consisting of Black, White, and White/Black. These are the g

  • Set includes three jumbo 6 inch colored knives and illustrated instructions. These are the great Mogar knives we have had in stock.

  • Set includes three 3 inch colored knives, vinyl carrying case, and illustrated instructions. NOTE: Actual knife colors may vary from those pictured. Not available to under 18 year olds!

  • Thimble Dexterity by Joe Mogar Considered by many to be the worlds leading authority on thimble magic, Joe Mogar has finally tipped 50 years of moves and routines on this near-encyclopedic DVD. Youll learn techniques never before taught on video, such as the Explosion and Implosion moves, as well as three full routines for stage and close-up: THE P

  • Mogars Stage Surprise (4 knives) by Joe Mogar Effect A black knife vanishes then appears in a pocket, changes to white, then black. A white knife is removed from the pocket and the knives change places twice. Additional black and white knives put in play, the black and whites jump around and change places. One set is the placed aside. Finally a whi

  • Mogars Thimbles (MIXED pack of 10) by Joe Mogar These are the GENUINE Mogar Thimbles. Molded and Manufactured by Joe Mogar. These are PERFECT thimbles to use for the effects featured in "Joe Mogars Digital Effects Book" and "The Thimble Dexterity DVD." The Tube of 10 thimbles consists of 7 different colors (White, Blue, Green, Yellow, Pink, Orange,

  • Chameleon Knives by Joe Mogar This long-awaited 95-minute DVD finally reveals Joe Mogars lifetime of knowledge on the development and performance of the Color Changing Knives! A near-encyclopedic work, it contains 37 moves and 12 routines, including Mogars Stag Sensation, Miracle Plus Routine, Basic 3 Knives, Hot Rod Knife, Multiple Knife Productio

  • These 1-inch real knvies are a perfect match for all of Mogars Knives. They can be used as a fantastic climax to any knife routine where a single knife changes to 6 mini knives. A sensational finish to any routine! Also comes with a beautiful carrying case.

Showing 1 - 10 of 10 items