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  • Dis Jointed by Joe Russell Dis Jointed is a revolutionary new method for "Shinkos classic Arm Twist" that turns the screws on the scream factor. Dis Jointed gives you the freakish ability to twist your normal arm 360 degrees around with bone crunching sound. Then theres a heart stopping "pop" as you physically break your elbow at the joint! You the

  • Holey Shirt by Joe Russell The burnt and restored shirt is a classic show stopper that was wildly popular years ago. This simple effect has suddenly caught fire again, and now everyone wants to do it! Holey Shirt is a "real world" street effect with monster impact that cant be ignored! You wander over to a total stranger, make some mild chit-chat,

  • Tattoo Joe by Joe Russell and Paul Harris Effect Your examined, empty hand gently rubs your naked arm.. A BIG BOLD TATTOO SLOWLY AND VISIBLY APPEARS ON YOUR SKIN! Rub your arm again and the TATTOO COMPLETELY VANISHES! And if you feel like it, make a totally DIFFERENT TATTOO appear on your OTHER ARM!NO CHEMICALS. NO MAKE UP. NO WET OR STICKY STUF

Showing 1 - 3 of 3 items