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  • "The best rubber band trick Ive seen in years." - Alex Pandrea Simple. Elegant. Impossible. You lightly hold two rubber bands at your fingertips. You touch them together. They link. You blow on them. They unlink. Both bands can be examined. The problem with most rubber band tricks is that they require the magician to fiddle-to contort and stretch a

  • Solid through solid. Visually. At fingertips. "You should be burned at the stake. This is too good!" - Michael Ammar A plot that stood the test of time is now revisited to bring you unparalleled freedom. John Stessels LinXus is an amazing new system that allows you to link various borrowed objects together. Hands off, if you wish. Rubber bands, rin

  • John Stessel is a strikingly creative magician. On this DVD, he invites you to take an intriguing journey into his world. Abandon all preconceptions. Inside this mysterious realm, you wont encounter common effects produced by familiar methods. Instead youll discover seven innovative and unique phenomena crafted by arcane means. Earthly laws of phys

  • You are the victim of a strange wardrobe malfunction. One of your shirt buttons has been mistakenly sewn right nest to another button. This tragedy would leave the average person in a sad, hopeless sludge of mis-buttoned humiliation. But you are better that that! As your empty fingers gently tug the edge of your shirt, the out-cast button slowly be

Showing 1 - 4 of 4 items