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  • More than 50 items from "the thinking magicians magician," Jon Racherbaumer. With 156 crystal-clear photographs, Card Fixes combines top-quality production with professional, state-of-the-art card magic. If you enjoyed At the Table, Marlo Without Tears or Card Finesse, youll love Card Fixes. Hardbound with Dust Jacket, 200 Pages

  • Arch Triumphs by Jon Racherbaumer A book entirely devoted to the trick that fooled HOUDINI! Thats right! One of the worlds finest card magicians, Jon Racherbaumer, dedicated to the "Triumph" premise. This book contains history of the Triumph created by Dai Vernon. 13 ORIGINAL great routines are outlined in Jons personal inimitable style. This book

  • 50 PLUS ITEMS, 20 PLUS CONTRIBUTORS, 240 PLUS PAGES, and 180 PLUS PHOTOGRAPHS! If you ever heard the expression magic underground and wondered what were the secrets being shared by the elite, this is your chance to take a small peek at the underground tricks and techniques that were being tossed around in the early 1990s. In 1993 Jon Racherbaumer

Showing 1 - 3 of 3 items