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  • Point Blank by Jordan Cotler and Michael Ammar A new card effect! A clever young guy by the name of Jordan Cotler visited Michael and shared with him this fun card trick he came up with. The effect is the best kind: Simple and straight-forward: Effect Any spectator names any card, and every other card instantly turns blank. It immediately resets fo

  • Oil & Water is one of magics most enduring plots. Its an extremely visual trick. Audiences love it. Now you can learn the ultimate version of this classic card effect - David Solomons Technicolor Oil & Water. Two packets of cards are shown: four reds with red backs and four blacks with blue backs. The cards are mixed - cleanly, clearly, and

  • Jordan Cotler's 'Oil Unrigged' is a beautiful four phase Oil & Water routine that is as outrageously impressive as it is burnable!

Showing 1 - 3 of 3 items