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  • Unlink is not an effect... it's a TOOL for every magician! The Unlink gimmick is very versatile and it's different from what you can find in the market (Twizted by Eric Jones, Shin Lim vanishing card,...). Here you have (for example) a freely selected card that is signed and placed in between two other cards. The signature is VISIBLE until the vanish and...

  • From the mind of Jordan Victoria all the way from France, Travel is a direct and visual approach on the classic two card monte. Its a modern instant card swap effect that fits right in your wallet. Travel is a truly unique illusion as the amazing color change happens while the card is folded in quarter size. This product includes a precise hand cra

  • Here is an original way for you to finish your ambitious card routine. With Jump you will be able to make a card jump from the top of the deck without any movement. Of course the signed card can be handed out immediatly for examination!

  • Two French creators have an idea in common. From the minds of Jordan Victoria and Sebastien Calbry comes the most visual ink change on the back of a playing card yet.

Showing 1 - 4 of 4 items