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  • Strolling Hands Volume 2 by Justin Miller Seal-a-feign: Watch as a signed quarter penetrates the wrapping of a card box not once, not twice, but three times.. each one more visual than the last, only to find out the cards have never been opened and the quarter is found TRAPPED inside the sealed case! Card Men Dont Do Coins (2 versions): Four half d

  • Strolling Hands Volume One by Justin Miller Kings 2 Light: Four kings are placed off to the side and two cards are selected and lost in the deck. The four kings INSTANTLY and VISIBLY change into one of the selected cards, wondering were the kings went, you spread the deck to find the kings face-up with one card face-down between them, of course you

  • The Cloak by Justin Miller The Cloak is a brand new elastic hook-up that will: Minimize breakage by 99%! For the first time ever..freedom in your floats and animated effects that you did not have before, this has got to be seen to be believed Flotation,movement,and animation on almost any object with pinpoint precision! No jerky body moti

  • X Marks The Spot by Justin Miller As magicians, whether weve practiced for 10 months or 10 years, weve all "found" a spectators card. Weve all made a card flip upside down in a deck. Weve all made a signed-card rise to the top of the deck. Weve all done a triumph rutine. But thats where it stops. We have NOT all made a mixed deck correct itself whi

  • Time and Space by Justin Miller "What could take your audience through time and space, and then be able to give them a tangible piece of their journey to keep forever?" From the creator of some of the best-selling DVDs like SILVER DREAM and X-MARKS THE SPOT. Justin Miller, comes one of the most time altering effects of his generation. With

  • Captured by Justin Miller With additional thoughts by MUSA "Magic as visual and direct as Captured does not come along often, it is truly a thing of beauty" - Dan White "All I can say is WOW! Captured has a very nice visual and audible feel to it.. I LOVE IT!" - Dan Hauss "This takes Cap in Bottle to the NEXT level! I love that I can fimally do thi

  • A couple of heavy trucks are speeding toward each other. They meet in the middle of a highway head-on. The two trucks become a single crush of grinding metal after the collision.When that happens with cards, its called Autograph. Justin Millers routine design is effective. The trick looks impossible, and is. Two cards are signed and

  • The most Freedom Inducing, Practical, Happy and Glad method for Magically Boxing your Deck! Justin Miller has created an astonishing in-your-face card case production that ALWAYS leaves you with a NORMAL ready-to- perform deck. One moment its a normal spreadable deck..then in a blink, the deck is magically packed in its cardboard case! Heres just o

  • First Hand by Justin Miller comes with DVD and Gimmick (also known as Freedom Change). Refills are available

  • In an attempt to be charitable you explain that one of your audience members has a REAL chance to win some money, lets say $100 (it can be any denomination of any country). You place a card face down into the empty card-box with the folded, desired currency and you hand the box and money to them (or just lay it on the table). You ask them to name a

  • Justin Miller. Magic creator extraordinaire, and world-class sleight-of-hand artist. Hot off SyFy's hit TV show Wizard Wars, Justin joins us At The Table for something unique as he plans to take all of the effects he will be teaching, and perform them for a live audience prior to this event. He will then break down every performance as he goes over what...

Showing 1 - 11 of 11 items