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  • Heiny 500 by Karl Hein Five $1 Bills Morph Into Five $100 Bills One of the Most Visual Money Effects Ever! "Heiny 500 is the best *#@!!% money effect I have ever seen." - Chris Kenner "Karl made a good trick into an amazing one! The difference is now I use it all the time." - Bob Sheets "Who introduced Karl to Harry Potter? This effect is REAL magi

  • Heinsteins Dream is a clean, practical, commercial and easy to perform version of the Torn and Restored Card. Fine-tuned after more than a decade of performances, creator Karl Hein has developed a diabolical method for this classic effect. Heinsteins Dream allows you to adapt the same setup to perform 3 versions for maximum versatility: An instant

  • This DVD contains the wickedly deceptive false shuffles and cuts that Karl Hein uses throughout his professional performances

  • This DVD contains 7 of Karl Hein's original and commercial routines that require the use of false shuffles and/or cuts.

  • This DVD contains several of Karl Hein's signature multiple selection effects with a few bonuses thrown in.

  • "Hein's Catch Up" is a 5 phase coin routine will devastate your audiences. Karl's unique in the hands approach to the traditional Copper/Silver/Brass Gimmick puts you so far ahead of your audience that they will never be able to "catch up".

  • Karl Hein possess uncanny ability with a deck of cards. He is truly a seasoned performer who has entertained audiences from all over the world with his charming persona and super cool hat. Karl goes into great detail explaining the Heinstein Shuffle. You also learn full routines, advice, and tips. Available as a DVD or Download

  • Using Patrick Page's Easy Money classic, Greg and Karl applied this brilliance to Hundy 500 and Heiny 500. They then independently conceived a new way to further the gimmick as a covert switch instead of an overt change. This secret undercover handling opened up many new possibilities in magic and mentalism.

Showing 1 - 8 of 8 items