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  • "Things I do. They can do." - Karrell Fox Beautifully simple, simply beautiful. Karrell Foxs magic is sprinkled with humor, and his humor is full of magic. HE continues to inspire the tyro and the professional in his premiere performance in a magic DVD. This legend in the world of magic, sometimes referred to as a general practitioner of the art ,

  • Masterpieces from the late, great Karrell Fox. Includes bits of blose-up, stand-up, mentalism, and even a few routines designed for the kiddies. Excerpt from the Book - The Introduction "Well, here we go again. Its hard for me to realize that my first book Kornfidentially Yours was written and published over fifty years ago. And according

  • Popularly known as "The King of Korn," Karrell Fox was truly one of magics singular characters. He was a superb performer in almost every branch of the magical craft - comedy, mentalism, childrens entertaining, trade show presentations, and more. At sixteen years of age, he managed a magic shop and then went on to appear on famous television shows

Showing 1 - 3 of 3 items