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  • Multiplying Cigars by Arlen Studios Effect Tired of multiplying balls? How about multiplying Cigars? Yep, now you can apply all that ball knowledge to cigars with our hand made set of highly realistic cigars. Each cigar is hand molded from a real cigar then cast in resin. Once molded, they are hand painted to look so real you might want to smo

  • Hells Hustle by Arlen Studios Effect "Never try to beat the devil at his own game" is the theme of this bizarre three card Monte inspired effect. A small photo case of the type used to carry photos in the 1800s is produced by the mage. "How many of you believe in the Devil? What I have here is the only known photograph of old scratch himself. It

  • "I believe this to be the ultimate key bending effect. It has every thing needed to convince the spectators eye it has just seen the bent key they are holding melt right before their eyes just a moment before."-Keith Lack Silver Shifter Technology Taken to the Extreme The magician displays three brass keys to the audience and hands them out for exa

  • Silver Shifter is like no other coin device you have ever seen. With it, you can actually bend a coin right in front of your audience's eyes!  Available in different coin types such as Penny, 2 Pence, 50 Pence and Morgan Dollars

Showing 1 - 4 of 4 items