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  • Probably the best magic gag since the Funkenring! A genuine sharpie marker turns into a cane in the blink of an eye - but the effect on the audience is quite amazing! They will jump out of their skin, look amazed, or fall into a fit of giggles! This cool effect brings the appearing cane bang up to date. Any time you do a trick with a card or a bill

  • Designed to be pocket size for close up and it can be used on the largest stage. A new mind game game you will win every time! The plot is a simple one (so simple that I cant believe it hasnt been done before!) A word is chosen and you play a game of psychic hangman - which means you pick the letters AND tell them where they go AND get it right -

  • The Insight book test was a huge success in the world of mentalism when it was first released back in the 90s. The limited run quickly sold out and it has been unavailable for many years. Now re-released with a new cover design and a new title, but inside it is identical to the original. This looks like real mind reading. This is not just a trick w

  • A wonderful tool for the mind reader, you will wonder how you managed without it! One example of the many possible routines with this book.. A volunteer is asked to stop you at a random page as you flick through the book. They then look at the page number and remember it. This is repeated with 2 more volunteers. They are all thinking of different

  • This DVD contains 3 paddle routines including what some have called The best Paddle trick in the World! This routine alone is worth the price of the DVD and will quickly become one of your favorite close-up tricks and youll always carry it with you. Easy to do and brilliantly routine to provide over a dozen eye-popping magical moments from the si

  • The complete guide to dealing withevery performers worst nightmare. One day you will be heckled. Will you know what to do? Keith Fields amazing book will teach you theart of self defence against hecklers

  • For over 15 years I performed over 250 childrens shows a year. That was until cruises, comedy clubs, corporate shows and trade shows took up all my time. I still do a few kids shows every year to keep my hand in. If you do shows for children and families then you must have this book.. but dont believe me, read the reviews.. Contents include my 12 o

Showing 1 - 7 of 7 items