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  • The Ultimate Faulty Follower by Ken de Courcy Effect A classic comedy effect with a new twist. Having enticed a spectator up to help you, hand him eight jumbo cards and you say, Please give me any four and keep four for yourself. This done, both you and the spectator carry out some simple movements but, when the cards are counted again, all your ca

  • Coded Card Prediction by Ken de Courcy A novel piece of magic which will bring about the neatest number force that you ever saw! A code book is placed on the table then a spectator is asked if hed like to co-operate by selecting a FREE thought-of number. At the end of simple calculation he gets another number. This number is used to arrive at a car

  • One Dream Bottle by Ken de Courcy A trick with a sensational climax, that defies explanation. On the performers table stand five bottled (or canned) drinks. All contain different drinks, but they are all the same size. A spectator is invited to mentally choose one, then they are covered by him with five identical covers and, finally, mixed so no on

  • Tear For Two byWild-Colombini Heres a great novelty on a classic theme. Discovering a chosen card by tearing the pips out of a piece of newspaper has always been interesting to an audience. Here is a unique variation by Ken. This item is great for parlor, stage and even for close-up. A deck of cards is shuffled and cut, then two spectators choose a

Showing 1 - 4 of 4 items