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  • There werent as many magic books available back in 1978 as there are now. But one thing was the same then as it is now - there werent/arent many magic books published that contained/contain really great stuff. Wonderful stuff! Usable stuff! "When Ken Krenzel performed the material in this book for me I knew then and there how good it was, an

  • The Thunder Struck deck will enable you to perform mystifying and bewildering card effects that will electrify your audiences. The basic routine has a spectator think of any card from a blue-backed deck as you insert a face-down red-backed card into the deck. When the cards are spread the red-backer is discovered directly next to the spectators t

  • RELAXED IMPOSSIBILITIES is what result when an acclaimed master of card magic sets out to explore how advanced sleight-of-hand can be made far easier to attain through a perceptive study of economy of action married to efficient placement of cards.

Showing 1 - 3 of 3 items