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  • Is it mindreading? Psychology? Psychic Reading? YES. Four brightly colored shells are examined. The spectator chooses one and hides a gem underneath. The other shells are placed around the spectators shell in any order at all while the mentalist has his back turned away. When the performer turns around, he is able to tell a few things about the s

  • Here is a new collection of how Kenton makes miracles. Simple props and tools become memorable miracles. After each unusual effect and method is a "Lesson". These are short and sweet reminders of the principles and concepts at work behind each effect. The "lessons" will get you rethinking what you do and how you do it. Many treasures in each of t

  • BACK BY POPULAR DEMAND This Kenton classic has been praised by many performers as one of the important works which helped create their own character and the way they think about magic and mentalism. Here are some highlights: Spoon Bending Parties -- A detailed examination which many mentalists have asked Kenton to share with them alone, or keep

  • Trance This by Kenton Knepper "Since Wonder Words and other Kentonism material many performers have made names for themselves in part by using seeming trance states. Some of this they achieve directly from Wonder Words and other of my works using language, psychology and dual or multiple realities to create a supposed trance state. At times these p

  • In this sampler are pieces from works currently out of print, classics and brand new material are thrown together in a menagerie of relevant magic. Magic, mentalism and "weerd" performance styles are all included. You will learn concepts such as "indirection", "multiple realities", "linguistics", "suggestion", all while learning some of the coole

  • This is a very commercial presentation with loads of other possibilites! The prop is the classic Lubor Fiedlers "Gozinta" boxes. These boxes however are black with silver printing on them. One box says "My Mind" and the other box "Your Mind". When the performer takes the nested boxes apart, he looks inside the "Your Mind" box and finds the specta

  • Kentons manuscript on cueing is due soon and includes marketed effects such as "My Mind/Your Mind Box", "Kentons Kube" and "Sharpie Sense". Kenton has been fooling many people with his subtle and devious methods of cueing spectators secretly. Kenton breaks it all out here in easily understood terms: From the set-up, follow-through and follow-up.

  • Two or three participants select playing cards and hide them so no one else can see what they are. The performer asks for two or three other helpers from the audience to read the minds of those people who have cards hidden away. At first this seems impossible. The performer has the "mind readers" examine pads of paper. Nothing on them. "Blank, li

  • "The Secret" is mentalism and does take some guts. Some will want to use an occasional out. Bob Sheets, Allen Zingg and Kenton all have made reputations on this material. We supply some no-miss methods as well as the more bold approaches. This is POWERFUL stuff - some of the most valuable work Kenton has tipped in a long time. The Secret isnt

  • Twists And Trances by Kenton Knepper "This is as close as I may ever get to releasing a Kentonism 2 in print" - Kenton Here is amazing "Kentonism" material that makes up Kentons current stage and stand-up act. This is the missing "Kentonism" material just as Kenton performs it today. Bold, simple, easy, wild methods and presentations - all practica

  • Secret Scent-sations by Kenton Knepper THE HIDDEN ART OF USING SCENT AS INFLUENCE AND SUGGESTION IN PERFORMANCE. Secret Scent-sations is a truly innovative manuscript that pushes the boundaries yet again on the very underused principle of scent in performance. Subtitles "The hidden art of using scent as influence and suggestion in performance" Secr

  • The much anticipated sequel to "Rants Into Raves" is finally here! Rants 2 is everything its predecessor was and more. When you are done reading this manuscript, you will have a much greater understanding of yourself as a mystery performer. Your strengths and weaknesses will be exposed, and through this self exploration, you will come out a bette

  • Volume One Kentons Gem Production - Gems fade into view at your fingertips as if literally appearing from nowhere. Direct from Kentons stand-up act, this production is aasy, beautiful and cleverly uses psychology. The FANTastical Ribbon - A cloth fan is displayed with a bright silk streamer woven through its ribs and cloth. Suddenly, the ribbon

  • Volume Three Steve Cohens Three Point Pulse Stopping - From Steves famed act, revealed for the first time. The performer stops his pulse, then it comes back again, in sequence, and at the points of the body chosen by the spectator. This is challenge pulse control. Incredible, awe-inspiring effect with a devious solution you will love to do! Kent

  • Volume Two Kontrol Kard - Imagine a playing card that can become a double- face, double-back, long, wide, thick, spittle, chameleon and mutliple card control card due to an amazing secret substance! No roughing fluid or rubber cement, these special cards have made Kenton look like one of the top card control performers and now you can, too! Klin

  • Card Tranformers are specially designed stickers that will transform your favorite deck of playing cards into strange and wonderful sight gags and magical effects. -Can be used with any deck of playing cards. -Transformers will naturally blend right in. -Unique eye-popping climaxes to your favorite tricks and routines. -Can be removed and r

  • The inside buzz on this is very strong. The material here is pure "Kentonism" ranging from the easy and simple to the bold and daring. The material can be performed as very realistic, intense, educational, weird, hypnotic or light if you prefer. Contents Include: Stirring: A spectator suddenly cannot make a simple stir straw spin on a table. Wha

  • Lasting Effects by Kenton Knepper "Performers love this book because the material is so easy and yet very, very commercial. Magic Dealers and Demo Guys love it because it makes miracles out of things already sitting on their shelves. Audiences love this material because it is amazing stuff! Its a win-win for everyone." - John Stoddarman "Friends ke

  • Klose-Up And Unpublished by Kenton Knepper You may be amazed at how astonishingly easy most of this material is to do. When Kenton revealed his secret in his lectures, magicians nearly fell to the floor. They couldnt imagine what they had seen was so simple. This is the very same special material the Kenton has used to make a living doing close-up.

  • Split Decision by Kenton Knepper A Truly Twisted Effect! Two cards are freely chosen. The performer claims the card on the table is his prediction of both free selections. The prediction however has two backs and no faces! The performer splits this prediction card in two. The prediction card becomes both selected cards! These cards can even be sign

  • Krazy Kard by Kenton Knepper Make Em Crazy! A spectator chooses ANY card - a free choice. Instantly it is shown to be the only blue card in the red deck. But in a blink of an eye, their card turns into a red backed card again! This is QUICK and VISUAL. A second later, it turns into a blue back once more. The back of their chosen card keeps changing

  • Mystery by Association byKenton Knepper A new masterwork from Kenton. Over 100 full size pages on the secret principle of Association and how Kenton and students use this long ignored and mysterious factor. We simply cannot say enough about it, or what it will do for you. Using association causes spectators to stop being spectators. Association act

  • The Lady Travels by Kenton Knepper Effect A card is chosen and the corner is torn and given to a spectator to hold. You make a magical gesture and EACH AND EVERY card in the deck is shown to be whole. The selected card is clearly gone. You now point to an "impossible" location and have the spectator retrieve what he finds.. it is the torn card. Not

  • A Cut Above by Kenton Knepper Effect As many of you know, Kenton is more than a magician or a mentalist. He is a Wizard. And to him, that means that sometimes the lines get blurred between the two. Often times a spectator wants you to tell them the future. A Cut Above is perfect for the impromptu reading by a magician, or as an opener for a mor

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