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  • Passing Thru by Kevin Parker This instructional video teaches you how to visually push a real coin through the bottom of a real glass bottle, leaving it inside. They watch it melt through the bottles bottom, leaving your hand and falling into the bottle. They dont see it just appear in the bottle, they watch it melt through. The bottle is then hand

  • Descent by Kevin Parker This is a visual coin-through-glass that does not require magnets, wires, strings, threads, special coins, or special tables. Effect The magician borrows a coin, drops it in the middle of the table, and pushes it through, the coin visibly landing in his empty hand underneath the table. The coin can even be signed, and the co

  • Psnype by Kevin Parker The spectator is given a deck of cards. Magician turns his back to him and tells him to cut the deck to any card he wants and peek at it. After spectator peeks at card, magician tells him the card he peeked at without asking any questions or touching the deck. Its as if he saw it while his back was turned. Uses no svengali,

  • Cornered by Kevin Parker and Chris Webber Effect The corner of a card is torn off and replaced with a corner from a different card! It is then handed to the spectator to examine! After they frantically examine the card, they have no clue how you did it. The new piece really does appear to be part of the card even while they examine it! You dont eve

  • Solid by Hugo Leclercq and Kevin Parker Magician magically links a borrowed pull-tab to a borrowed necklace and hands the necklace back with pull-tab inside. Its really that simple. Yet so hard-hitting. Leaves them CLUELESS. -Necklace and tab borrowed -Everything examinable Running Time Approximately 20min

  • Junction by Kevin Parker BORROW A SET OF KEYS, hold them in full view, and magically bend ONE OF THEIR KEYS! Theres no key bend like this. Created by Kevin Parker, it will have you asking for keys left and right. And there seriously is NO FUNNY MOVES involved. The keys are retrieved and held in full view IMMEDIATELY. Then the key bends. Keys ar

  • 2 illusions on 1 DVD. Mirage by Kevin Parker: If you ever wanted to get your favorite bottled drink from the store without walking inside - just make it appear - then this is what itd look like. Using no sleeves, gimmicks, devices, jackets, or trick bottles, your hands visibly empty, nothing hidden in your shirt or pants, you proceed to manifest a

  • What if there was a way to make someone think that their key is bending even though its not. This is Kevin Parkers Crooked. Magician borrows their key, holds it in full view, and it is visually seen to bend by magicians psychic power, yet the magician knows that the key is never altered, so can be handed back fully restored, reusable, as it was nev

Showing 1 - 8 of 8 items