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  • Robert E. Neale is a prolific creator of magic tricks and presentations, which are performed by magicians all over the world. He is also a leading philosopher of magic whose theoretical writings are helping performers better understand the work they do and expand its range to be more interesting, diverse, and meaningful. In this collection, Bob Nea

  • Would you like to perform magic that leaves people with a special gift? Gift Magic is your doorway into one of the most exciting ways to perform magic. Authored by Jeff McBride, George Parker, Lawrence Hass, Eugene Burger, Rich Bloch, and Robert E. Neale and edited by Larry Hass, Gift Magic includes 11 performances pieces, 5 interviews, and 4 essay

  • INDEX-terity will put a new spin on your magic and mentalism. George Parkers INDEX-terity turns the ballot index on its head, making it more powerful and deceptive than ever before! Everything you need is INSIDE! Five fully-developed routines from George Parkers professional repertoire. A work-kit of the materials required to perform these routines

  • In this first installment of his long-awaited Trilogy of Magic, Robert E. Neale uncovers the profound extent to which human experience is informed by our illusions . . . and the essential role magicians play in teaching us how to celebrate it

  • Transformations (Creating Magic Out Of Tricks) by Larry Hass In Transformations: Creating Magic Out of Tricks, Lawrence Hass uncovers some of the higher secrets for creating strong, entertaining performances of magic. Drawing on over fifteen years of experience as a performer and as an award-winning teacher of college courses on magic performance,

Showing 1 - 5 of 5 items