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  • Q & A Teach-In Volume 3: EZ-Q & A by Lee Earle EZ-Q & As weave of multiple methods is both brilliant in concept and absolutely mind-boggling in impact. First introduced by Bruce Bernstein, this killer idea has been honed to a sharp edge, fine tuned, and polished to perfection by Mentalisms Maestro, Lee Earle. Its perfect for banquet aud

  • Q & A Teach-In Volume 2: Superscript by Lee Earle SuperScript is the ideal solution for performing a Question and Answer routine based on a believable premise: graphology and handwriting analysis. Youll need no clipboards or impression devices nor will you be required to do any pre-show work. The method is clean, can be performed close-up or on

  • Eye Candy by Becker & Earle The performer tears a few pages from a current copy of Time, Business Week, or Newsweek magazine, giving the pages to people in the audience. They pass them on to others, ensuring a random selection of helpers. The Mentalist, with two of the helpers, illustrates how our eyes are attracted by the clever placement of t

  • Shhhh! by Larry Becker and Lee Earle Bold, Easy and Entertaining Mentalism! Effect Four 3.5 x 5 inch plastic cards from a popular parlor game are handed to individuals in your audience. They verify that each one bears the identical four questions to be answered, regarding a persons horoscope sign, a phone number, a romantic experience, and a movie

  • Szechuan Sampler 2.0 by Larry Becker and Lee Earle Effect The performer hands four authentic menus from different Chinese restaurants to a participant, informing, "Were going to take a virtual tour among these dining establishments, sampling selections from each place until weve ordered a four-course meal: an appetizer, main dish, side dish, and de

  • Baffling BS Larry Becker and Lee Earle Effect "The bumper sticker," begins the performer as he shows a selection of them - all of which are cut in half, "is a source of 5-Star wisdom often using four-letter words. Theyre a short form expression of attitude, philosophy, and humor. You can find them at truck stops, novelty shops, and bargain swaps."

  • Puzzle Paradox by Larry Becker and Lee Earle Effect The Mentalist shows two 11 x 14 inch jigsaw puzzles; one is fully assembled in a thin poster frame and the other is still boxed. He quips, "One of the reasons jigsaw puzzles are - well, puzzling - is that they often use a picture that provides one set of patterns, cut into completely random shapes

  • Buccaneer Booty by Larry Becker and Lee Earle "Its national talk-like-a-pirate day," you announce, "so in the spirit of the occasion, heres some pirate treasure." You open a small, wooden chest to display the contents within, over a hundreds items of booty (doubloons, shiny trinkets, costume jewelry, etc.) and some drawstring Swag Bags in a perfect

  • Word Work by Larry Becker and Lee Earle A walk-around book test thats repeatable and puzzling, too! WordWork - They just think of a crossword puzzle clue (ie. "39 Across; 9 letters; a vivid, sudden memory") and you instantly tell them that very word, (ie. "FLASHBACK"). Can be repeated. WordPlay - When they merely imagine one of more than

  • Veracity by Larry Becker and Lee Earle A Lie Detector in a Card Case Effect Your participant shuffles and spreads the deck face down then slides out one card for himself. He divides the deck into two piles and buries his card in either half, then squares the packet. The half-deck is dropped back into the card case. One card at a t

  • The United States come alive - quickly, enjoyably and affordably - with this guide from one of the most trusted names in travel. Lee Earle gets to the point without drowning you in superfluous information. He tells you, in pithy and opinionated pages, how to plan and what to see plus where to stay, where to eat, and where to enjoy the destination a

  • Alphabet cards have lately been harder to find than honest politicians. Now, they are available again - but this time as casino quality playing cards!

  • Incredibly Easy Mindreading - Close-Up, Platform, or stage.

  • The original Silver Bullet has been transformed! You requested it and now its here - smaller, lighter, and perfectly disguised as a tube of lip balm! Hidden inside a normal-looking ChapStick tube is a diabolically simple and spillproof construction that makes it work better and more easily than ever before. Included are the original three r

  • Includes CD-ROM! CD-ROM contains many images right from the book in full color and high resolution PDF format- such as "TopoLogo" seen here as a JPG. (Click to enlarge) SYZYGY - The First Five Volumes is the most important Mentalism book of the new millennium and qualifies for instant inclusion on everyones five foot shelf. This is a hard

  • This brand new 3-book Final Flashback set achieves the supreme benchmark against which all future book tests will be measured. In Book #1, the time-tested Flashback principle has been upgraded to make it as invisible as a ghost in the night. Yet its still the fastest and easiest one-word revelation ever. Within moments, youre doing miracles. Use

  • Palm Mystery is classic pseudo-psychometry that automatically delivers humorous "readings" plus a design duplication finish.

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