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  • From the creative mind of Leo Smetsers comes Lotto Square.A deviously simple close-up magic/lucky square routine, that you will carry with you everywhere!

  • Imagine a Neo Magnetic ring made from stainless steel and polished by hand. The Neo Ring is not brittle like many that are currently on the market and will not smash, crack or break. Available in Various Sizes

  • "I have been a lover of the classic cups and balls routine for many years and in 2001 I was lucky enough to have private lessons with (in my opinion) the worlds finest practitioner of this incredible effect Mr Tommy Wonder. Tommy taught me so much about the psychology and timing of the routine and this advice helped me create my own unique version

  • In 2001 I was fortunate enough to have private magic lessons with Tommy Wonder. These lessons focused on his famous "Two-cup Routine". I went to the house of Tommy and he taught me his beautiful routine in full detail, covering every move, nuance and subtlety in great detail. Making sure he taught me all the important ins and outs of this marve

  • New in from our good friend Leo Smetsers from Holland comes his beautiful take on the 3 shell game. Leo has designed and crafted the most beautiful stainless steel caps that enable you to perform this routine with ease and in style! The caps have a very nice weight to them and each cap is hand polished to perfection to give them a mirror like finis

  • In 2003 Leo Smetsers and Jean Paul Mertens developed a routine thats 100% commercial, using some coins and a back pocket. On this DVD Leo Smetsers shares one of his most requested routines. Its totally commercial, truly magical and a real audience pleaser. The plot is simple and easy to follow with multiple phases; making "The Pocket" a rou

  • Set of handmade, unique chopcup balls.Each set consists of two baseballs, one featured with a magnet.  Regular Size is approximately 1 InchLarge Size is is approximately 1.25 Inch

  • Leo Smetsers has combined some great principles to create a fun. commercial and multi-kicker routine.Your Lucky Day uses something very personal to the spectator (birthday) and builds a routine around a lucky card written by the selected date in a diary.Your spectator now tries their luck with a little game of chance and they WIN! Bringing this routine...

  • This harmonica chop-cop is a dream for every magician and a first class innovation. The cup is foldable and returns to normal size in no time. It's just a must have! Available in Black or Red

  • These aluminum harmonica cups and balls are a dream for every magician and a first class innovation. The cups are foldable and return to normal size in no time.

  • This aluminum harmonica chop-cup is a dream for every magician and a first class innovation. The cup is foldable and returns to normal size in no time.

  • 'The Appearing' by Leo Smetsers is a trick you want to use when you are looking for a big reaction from you audience. This particular effect has been one of my all-time favorite tricks for several years now. A guaranteed eye-catcher! As an amazing bonus, the audience member will end up with your contact information!

  • "The Solid Three Shell Game" by Leo Smetsers is a real hit! If you already own Leo Smetsers' "Three Shell Game" then this will be a great addition!

  • The 'Workers Three Shell Game' by Leo Smetsers is a humoristic take on the three shell game.

  • White Board Monte' is similar to Leo Smetsers' 3-shell game, but with a much more commercial angle. A game of luck where the spectator is being challenged to follow a specific disk. That disk can have the spectator's name, a company logo, or anything engaging which can be written or drawn on white board. What the spectator doesn't know is that the success...

  • Flight Case Prediction by Leo Smetsers is a high quality super-fast "Item to Impossible Location" box.

  • Leo's Vault is a precision made, up to date version of Jack Lippincott's classic Lippincott box

  • Set of handmade, unique chopcup balls.Each set consists of four 1 inch baseballs. Available in various Colours

Showing 1 - 18 of 18 items