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  • Outlaw Magic by Lonnie Chevrie Effect When Magic is Outlawed..Only Outlaws will do magic. "Lonnie Chevrie is a GREAT creator and performer of magic. Over the last twenty years that Ive known him, he has enterained me, fooled me, and taught me wonderful magic effects that I use in my walk-around magic, my close-up show, and on stage. Lonnie has infl

  • The Journey by Lonnie Chevrie The Journey Lonnie Chevrie takes you on a magical Journey with four silver coins. Your audience will be spellbound as they watch coins vanish, only to reappear moments later. Jaws will drop as the final coin seemingly vanishes from a spectators own fingertips! This routine is strikingly visual, yet easy to perform. The

  • Spritz Switch by Lonny Chevrie Effect A one dollar bill morphs into a one hundred dollar bill! Visual Stunning! Easy-To-Do! Running Time Approximately 50min

  • Clean Thru/Clear Thru is the perfect anytime, anywhere routine with borrowed bills.. a routine that will highlight your amazing magical powers ANYTIME someone asks. When you dont have your cards, your coins, your props you need an impromptu miracle and this is it. If you are a stage performer and someone wants to see some close up magic off stage t

  • Lance is a member of the F.F.F.F. and there fore these routines have been scrutinized by some of the best thinkers and performers in the magic world

Showing 1 - 5 of 5 items