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  • An astonishing visual animation! A card is shown to have a white border which is clearly misprinted. Most people would toss the card away, but you can fix it, youre a magician after all! Slowly, you wave the card and the border visibly begins to correct itself! This looks like real magic! Once the border has been fixed, the card is immediately hand

  • Luke Dancy has once again assembled a collection of his finest and most visual "not just card" magic. A Misleading Situation Its not just visual..its a miracle. A pencil sharpens right in front of the spectators eyes in your bare hand. Impulsive OMG! .another 4 ace production. 911 Need help? Call 911. Stuck on Daley The best damn thing on this DVD.

  • A complete sell-out at Magic Live! When your pockets are full its time to crack open your Compressed Deck.. The Compressed Deck allows you to perform a transformation to any four cards under the cleanest and most impossible of conditions. Its visual magic at its absolute best. Uses no Elmsley counts or complex moves. You can alter the set to transf

  • You remove the two jokers from the deck and place them off to one side of the table. The spectator now selects a card from the deck and memorizes it. The selection is now placed openly into the center of the deck. The magician snaps his fingers and turns the top card over. Lo and behold, itiis the selected card! But it isn't there....In the blink of an...

Showing 1 - 4 of 4 items