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  • Magick Balay is truly one of New York Citys great magicians. A long-standing fixture of the New York magic community, Magick has been entertaining audiences for his entire life. Magick has worked as a magic demonstrator for some of Manhattans top magic shops and is also in constant demand as a private entertainer. He has appeared in Reel Magic Maga

  • The Fantasma Magic Mind Bending Spoon is an amazing effect in which a solid spoon seems to bend in the magicians fingertips. This is an easy to do trick. It comes with an instructional DVD with lots of handling advice from our very own Magick Balay, one of the top close-up magicians in New York. It comes in its own aluminum DVD carrying case with e

  • The magician blows some bubbles. As he touches one with his hand it becomes solid! More bubbles are then seen multiplying between his fingertips! Our bubbles have been said to be the most realistic soap bubbles around! We also give you four in the set, most sets only come with three! In addition, you get the magic bubble bottle (soap bubbles not in

  • Over 15 Tricks included Astounding Visual Penetrations Watch as the laces magically pass through solid objects Bonus Trick: Phone Line Escape

  • Over 15 Tricks included. Watch a Pen penetrate a bill WITHOUT leaving a hole! Bonus Trick included: Pen Thru Tongue

  • Powerful & Direct CIA is a versatile utility device that allows you to read the thoughts of your spectator and gain hidden information. The brainchild of Magick Balay, CIA includes custom-made gimmicks that can be used for a variety of powerful effects. DVD + Custom Gimmicks Magick will teach you 3 stunning routines that can be used with CIA -

Showing 1 - 6 of 6 items