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  • A BORROWED PEN, RING or even a small COOKIE melts through the SOLID bottom of an examined water bottle! NO PALMING. NO SWITCHES OR DITCHES. JUST A SIMPLE LOVELY MISPERCEPTION THAT OPENS THE "SWEET SPOT" FOR THE PERFECT PENETRATION. Yup, Youve seen a dozen coin-in-bottle effects. BUT the Manoj Bottle so FUN and INGENIOUSLY PRACTICAL it will instantl

  • Fire and Levitation, the two most demanded elements of magic are now fused in ONE stage device. Create the strong and surreal visual for the world by levitating the flame several inches over the candle and then bringing it back down with the same grace.

  • Imagine being able to link and unlink 2 safety pins in the most visual manner possible.

  • Time will seemingly stand still.The moment of astonishment will linger. Your audience will never forget this perfect new levitation.With STATIC you will perform never-before-possible STATIC LEVITATION!

Showing 1 - 4 of 4 items