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  • Cesaral Melting Point Reloaded by Mariano Goni This DVD is fully packed with clear explanations on how to boost your magic using the CMP gimmick. Improve your work and make your effects more magical. Fool layman and magicians alike with already existing tricks, just by applying these superb secrets. Included are: Coin Through Handkerchief Coin Cha

  • Learn fresh tricks and techniques from Europes Close Up magician Mariano Goni, the mind behind the world famous "Melting Point" effect! In this DVD youll find 11 items, some from his professional repertoire. There is stuff for everyone, card routines, quick visual effects, new sleights and color changes, and it comes with necessary materials to con

  • A truly magical routine.. Originally created by Marc Jacobs and one of the favourites of Vernon, the walnuts and glass trick remained in the shadows until some years ago, when Brian ONeill rediscovered it and the necessary materials were available to perform it. Mariano Goni has rebuilt the routine, making it a true mystery, by changing the cover c

  • Perform the most visual transposition between a signed coin and a clean coin. Two coins are examined, one is chosen and signed by a spectator. You perform two impossible and visual hand to hand transpositions, only to end with a "test-conditions" final miracle: The signed coin escapes from under a glass held against the table by a spectator, only t

  • Mariano Goni is an underground magician from Spain who has a knack for creating visually stunning magic. He has an impressive list of best sellers including Nut Waltz and Melting Point- New Edition. He's done it again with his most amazing creation to date.

  • You can astonish people with this miracle effect, with only a coin and a glass surface, a table, a window, etc. An easy to master method, now clearly taught by Spains Famous Magician Mariano Goni, who explains step by step all the little nuances of the trick. Youll never leave home without this!!! "The effect of FISM 2006! A complete sell

  • A real start clean-end clean hookup. The first haunted pack that allows you to shuffle before, during and after the effect. Any named four of a kind shoots out of the pack!

Showing 1 - 7 of 7 items