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  • Zenner-Tech by Mark Elsdon Effect A standard pack of ESP cards is displayed to the audience, and one of each symbol is removed: circle, star, wavy lines, square and cross. The performer sticks a small white sticker to the back of each one (the spectator can check that they really are stuck) and mixes them up. The spectator freely decides which of t

  • Before I Forget by Mark Elsdon On this DVD.. Mark explains the method and psychology behind his opener, Balance which surely has to be one of the most incredible close-up suspensions ever released. No fake deck, no magnets, yet a deck of cards impossibly defies gravity. Twice! No Moves is a delightfully clean ambitious card routine (wait, hang on!)

  • Building on the work of Hamman, Harris, Racherbaumer, Close and others, Mark Elsdon has developed the most commercial handling of "Re-Set" released to date. Four red backed cards change places with four blue backed cards one at a time, and then instantly "Re-Set" back to being reds. The Blue cards are examined and are now found to have Green Backs

  • Whacked Book Test by Mark Elsdon Effect The performer introduces a book, "Dave Gormans Googlewhack Adventure", which he says he has enjoyed reading recently. After briefly explaining the concept of Googlewhacking, he passes the book to a member of the audience, who looks through the book and eventually decides on one of the Googlewhacks. After some

  • Rubik Remembered Mark Elsdon and Alakazam Magic This is it! The full work on Mark Elsdons ground-breaking Rubiks Cube effect: "Rubik Remembered!" Imagine being able to solve a genuine Rubiks Cube from memory, whilst blind-folded, in less than two minutes every single time! Forget about all the other Rubiks Cube tricks youve ever seen: matching mixe

  • Four professional mentalism effects which ultimately end with the same effect: at anytime the performer chooses he can invisibly switch on or off any standard, plasma or LCD TV screen.Here are details of the first effect: The mentalist is concluding his performance in a bar and offers to show one last extraordinary moment. Several spectators

  • A fantastic Rubik effect that you can carry in your wallet! This new effect from Rubiks Cube expert Mark Elsdon allows you to tap into the fun, mystery and impossibility of solving the Cube - without even needing to carry one! A spectator freely chooses a random mixed-up Cube design and without any sleights, gaffs or outs the performer reveals a ph

  • In 1992 Mark devised the original Chaos & Order triumph routine, based on a self-shuffling deck idea that was shown to him by a Chinese magician when he was living out in Hong Kong. A little while later Michael Weber suggested the actual Chaos and Order patter theme, which was incorporated immediately. For a decade Mark performed the routine to

  • How many times have you done a strolling gig, cocktail party or residency and performed for group after group, packed up, and left with no bang, no "wow", no feeling that you just killed them? Sure, everyone was impressed, but it just didnt seem to add up to much.. In The Meridian Technique I will teach you a technique I have refined and used over

  • A random number..A random playing card..And a photographic prediction...I bet you can see where this is going! Presenting another mind shocker to add to your repertoire. Another crowd-pleasing masterpiece.Instantly re-setSelf workingEach pack is uniqueThis package contains: One pack of Bicycle back playing cardsDurable plastic-coated photographEnve

  • The frame you can see on the front cover is an ordinary, examinable picture frame. And the card inside - the prediction - IS the spectators signed selection! They said it couldnt be done.. they were wrong! The effect of In The Frame is as simple as it is powerful: a signed selection vanishes from the deck and proves to be the card that was on displ

  • A thought of card is predicted under the fairest and most impossible conditions...with a diabolical ending no one sees coming!  Available in red or Blue

  • Would you like to have in your repertoire some killer mentalism effects that you can perform anytime, any place and without any props? Well good news! Conversation As Mentalism contains tried an tested material that you can start to use immediately. The Participants experience of what occurs during these casual performance pieces is this: during th

  • Mark Elsdon, magic consultant on TV shows for the BBC, Channel 4 and Watch, presents the worlds easiest, most direct and 100% self working diary effect - "The Workers Diary!" A spectator is handed a diary. All the dates have playing cards written next to them. The spectator verifies that there is no pattern and the cards do not repeat on the same d

  • Mark Elsdon is finally releasing his killer named card to wallet!   Available in Small or Large

  • Mark Elsdon has created one of the finest card and number prediction effects we have ever seen! Not only is Infallible a real world worker and self-working, it's also instantly repeatable!

  • FULL 52 PRODUCTIONS proudly presents Mark Elsdons "SPYPAD". Brilliantly designed to deliver a clear, full-view peek yet remain completely innocent in appearance. The SPYPAD is the all-new tool for modern mentalism developed specifically for under-fire use by one of the UKs top professional TV magic consultants. The SPYPADs real ingenuity lies in th

  • Family Values combines two great effects to make for one memorable effect! Combining the strenghts of Heirloom and the Phil Deck; Mark Elsdon has created a super simple but highly powerfull routine.

  • Mark Elsdon finally releases his incredible 'Four Card Brainwave' effect! Previously shared only with those on his exclusive one day courses, this super-strong version of Max Maven's seminal plot can now be yours!

  • Designed for the serious working performer, 'Whacked!' is a 10 minute mind-reading routine which revolves around Dave Gorman's best-selling comedy book Googlewhack Adventure.

Showing 1 - 20 of 20 items