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  • Its not hard to find dignified biographies of dead magicians whose lives have been carefully reconstructed by erudite scholars. But a living, breathing, memoir of a contemporary magician who is willing to "tell it like it is" -- and able to tell it in a hugely entertaining manner, to boot -- is an entirely different matter. The Lives of a Showman i

  • Mark Lewis is one of the worlds most prominent psychics, hes done thousands of readings and hit the headlines numerous times. On this DVD he gives an introduction into the world of Cold Reading. He teaches the beginner how to do readings in both Chinese Numerology & Palmistry and even includes a powerful demonstration (and explanation) of Psych

  • The tarot cards are the most powerful divination known to man. For those of you who wish to tap into their power and in addition use it in a streetwise manner this is the DVD for you. Two hours of astonishing insight and detail by one of the worlds leading psychics. It is far removed from the usual cold reading techniques that magicians read about

Showing 1 - 3 of 3 items