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  • Mercury Matchbox by Mark Southworth Illusioncraft is proud to present Mercury Matchbox by Mark Southworth. The card box is on the table in full view of the spectator. A card is freely selected, signed and returned to the middle of the deck. The performer announces that the card is no longer in the deck, and that it is now in the card box. The spect

  • Cash Vault by Mark Southworth Illusioncraft is pleased to present an outstanding effect from the creative thinking of a young and extremely talented magician. Mark Southworth is sharing the secrets of Cash Vault, where a signed playing card is found trapped between two bank notes that have been on the table throughout the entire routine. The DVD ta

  • The Changer by Mark Southworth A box of blue bicycle cards is freely shown. With the wave of the hand the box unbelievably changes to red. Blink and you will miss it! The best bit of all is that the box can immediately be given out for examination. From here you are ready to go into your favourite card routine. The Changer is easy to do and one of

  • The professional card to shoe. Mark's closely guarded secret is finally revealed to the magic world. Available in Red or Blue

  • All the magic featured on this DVD has been road tested by Mark over many years and every routine will guarantee you superb reactions. Youll even learn three routines that will get you business card into the clients hands! Also featured is "Blockbuster", Marks fantastic prediction effect that you WILL feature! Blockbuster - A random celebrity movie

  • From the creative mind of Mark Southworth comes Tin Opener. Tried and tested in front of live audiences, Tin Opener can be used to add an unexpected climax to any of your working card routines. A card is selected by a spectator and is signed on the face. The card is returned to the deck openly and fairly. From here the magician proceeds to perform their...

  • How would it be to have a truly universal effect recognised wherever you go in the world? Poker Fly is a great twist on the 3 fly effect; this time with poker chips, not with coins! Lets face it almost everyone knows what a poker chip looks like. So, what does it do? Three poker chips travel, invisibly, from one hand and appear magically, one at

  • From the creative mind of Mark Southworth comes this Revolutionary step forward in the signed card to box plot...

  • The HANDOMATIC GIMMICK is elegantly constructed with the best materials, and designed to last a very, very long time.

  • The ultimate locking prediction chest is here. Small enough to be carried in a jacket pocket yet powerful enough to be used on the biggest stage.  Available in Right or Left hand versions

  • Ask a spectator to hold out their hand and make a closed fist. Pull out a marker and draw an 'X' on the center of your palm and close it into a fist. Now without any rubbing, erasing or funny business, you slowly open your hand and reveal your X is COMPLETELY GONE. Now ask the spectator to open their hand - THE X IS ON THEIR PALM! Refills available

  • As many magicians know, coin gaffs can take traditional coin magic to extreme levels, yet they traditionally come with a hefty price tag. Mark Southworth took the best of the best in coin gaffs and infused them into a custom set of poker chips for a fraction of the cost.

Showing 1 - 12 of 12 items